About us

35 years of experience!

More than three decades ago, Paul Van Breda started to install irrigation systems under the name VBS on a local scale. Initially, irrigation systems were a sign of wealth and were made of PVC. As time went on, the use of new materials, the integration of electronics and remote control meant that the systems became more affordable, more accessible and more advanced. And it wasn’t long before the VBS irrigation systems became the benchmark in Belgium for sports grounds, gardens and public green spaces.

Fast forward to 2022. Paul Hermans took over the company’s reins and immediately brought Raf Bresseleers, a seasoned industrial expert who had made a name for himself at Tomorrowland, on board.

Raf is one of the few Europeans with a “Certified Irrigation Auditor and Designer” certification from the prestigious American Irrigation Association.


Paul Hermans got down to modernising the company and soon rechristened it “Hydroplan” to give it a more youthful and fresher image. He invested in modern equipment and training to ensure that customers would end up with the most efficient irrigation systems.

In between, he also hired a new designer, Jitse Matthyssen.

And, lastly, Martine Schellens came to join us. She takes care of day-to-day communication with our customers and is in charge of planning. With unbridled enthusiasm, she helps our customers with their appointments and checks that everything runs smoothly.

Innovation and customer service

From modest beginnings to a company focused on innovation and customer service, the new management team is at the ready to further professionalise the company. Customers can rely on us to get the best irrigation solutions available on the market, supported by a team of seasoned experts.

To further expand our business we are looking for new people to join our ranks.

We would be delighted to meet you at our offices in Brecht, but would be equally happy to drop in on you.