Gardens and parks

Bespoke solutions

Dreaming of a lush green garden but no idea where to start? Sick of hauling buckets and hoses during the dry summer months just to keep your garden ticking over?

Hydroplan is on hand to provide you with the right irrigation solution!

Our team of experts supplies irrigation solutions tailored to every garden and park. We are well aware that every garden is unique and calls for a different approach. This is why we use a specific and flexible design that can be customised to your requirements and, more importantly, to your lawn and borders’ watering needs.


At Hydroplan, we have no truck with a general approach. While we use the best materials from A brands as standard, we never produce standard projects. We offer a broad range of irrigation systems, such as sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems, or a combination of both, to ensure that your garden is watered in the right places and at the appropriate rate.

And soon you will notice : the right irrigation system makes for an even more beautiful garden.

Installation by Hydroplan

With modern equipment, we lay conduits and pipes without creating trenches or extensive digging so that everything is done quickly, flexibly and flawlessly.

Installation by your garden designer

You also have the option of having your garden designer install your irrigation system. In that case, we will provide him or her with solid training and, if need be, help him or her to finish your system to perfection.

DIY installation

For the handymen amongst you: you can also install the system yourself.
Once again, with training provided by us and, if need be, our assistance to fully finish it.

In all cases, our design team will provide you with professional support. They draw a plan in line with your requirements.


To keep your installation in top condition, make sure to have us check it once a year.

We will come around in springtime when you are about to switch your system on again or during autumn when the time has come to winterize it.

Hydroplan offers you the following services. We check your system, test it, take note of any improvements that could be made and confer with you.

Modus operandi

More information about (re)designing your garden or park?